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Charters & Cruises

 Welcome aboard our boat, a 36 feet Flybridge cruiser built by Steber in Sydney.

I purchased her in Sydney and cruised down by water to Western Port in very ordinary weather. Like all Steber boats she is an extremely safe and comfortable all weather boat.

Powered by two 250 Hp Volvo turbo diesels and having an all up weight of about 10 tonnes which makes her a very stable vessel.

A cabin large enough to seat 8-10 adults.Seating in the rear deck for six. Inside Western Port we can carry 12 passengers, we normally suggest that the limit is about 8-10 unless we are on a sightseeing cruise.



On board there is a life raft for 8 people, lifebuoys for another 6 and lifejackets for all on board.“Top Gun” is surveyed and inspected by the Marine Board every year.

Radios "Top Gun" is equipped with an HF, VHF, and AM radios.We are able to maintain radio contact no matter where we travel. We also have radar and GPS plotters on board.


Offshore and offshore limits

Maximum of 6 passengers because we want you to have room to move around and enjoy your trip and our aim is for you to have a fantastic day.

Fitted out with bunks for 6 adults, a shower, toilet, bbq, and a large freezer on the rear deck, in the cabin there is an electric stove, microwave, TV, DVD player, stereo and a fridge.

Most other boats have geographical restrictions.

They are usually classified 2C,D or 2E which means that they are only allowed to operate in the enclosed waters within Western Port or Port Phillip Bay.

Boats with a 2C classification have a distance restriction limiting them to within 15 nautical miles (27Kms) of a pier, jetty or safe harbour.

A few can go to about 30 nautical miles (54kms) from the above.

Due to the type of vessel and equipment we carry, Marine Safety has given Top Gun a 2B classification meaning our outer offshore limit is 50 nautical miles which is about 90 Kms, that is nearly halfway to Tasmania.

We don’t have distance restriction from a pier or safe harbour, we can go anywhere along the coast of Australia. Trips or CruisesYour trip can be a half day or full day that is up to you.












Where to go

Leaving from San Remo, come for a cruise and explore Western Port, see French Island up close, Cowes, Cat Bay, Phillip Island,  Flinders or Bass Strait, the choices are endless.

Circumnavigate Phillip Island and while you comfortably cruise along, watch the dolphins, seals and penguins at play frolicking in the waters of Bass Strait and Western Port. It is not unusual to see all three in one trip.

The dolphins ride the bow and stern wave so close you can nearly touch them.

To get this close to these wild creatures is absolutely fantastic and we never tire of watching them.

At Seal Rocks there are thousands of seals and they will usually swim right up to the boat.

The playful inquisitiveness of the seals and dolphins make a trip truly magical.

Sit back and relax and look at Phillip Island in a new perspective from the outside looking in.

You get a chance to see the rugged and beautiful coastline.

Maybe you would like a romantic cruise?


What to bring

Comfortable shoes such as runners.

A jacket if the weather turns a little cold.

Sunglasses, a hat and some sunscreen but most importantly a camera to record what we will make a fantastic day.



Depending on the trip,  we have food on board and nibbles and endless tea and coffee. 

We have a fridge and a freezer on board with lots of space to keep everything icy cold. 

Fishing, whether you have lots of fishing experience or none we can cater for all levels. "Top Gun" is set up for game fishing with a game chair and outriggers. We carry game rods as well as rods set up for reef and bottom fishing. Snapper, Whiting, Flathead, Elephants, Kingfish, Mako, Blue, Thresher and Gummy Shark to name some of the species it is possible to catch. .


Call  Greg today on 0439 336 766 and organize your trip or

email us



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