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Snapper, Whiting, Elephants, Flatty's, Gummy Shark.

To fish in comfort we limit the total number fishing to 6 people.
We can fish some extras when on a private charter or special trip.
Offshore the limit is definitely 6.

5 Hour charter inside Western Port is $960
8 Hour charter inside Western Port is $1500
If you only have 4 people then it becomes the boat price divided by 4. However this is at the discretion of the skipper.  He will take a trip with smaller numbers. The best course of action is to ring and ask.

We can carry up to 12 passengers in Western Port but limit the number fishing.
We can take up to 12 passengers
Offshore trips
Maximum number of passengers is 6.
5 Hour charter offshore is $960
Hour charter offshore is  $1500
This trip is normal fishing only.
See details below.

Shark TripsTrips
Mako, Blue, Thresher, Bronzies. Fish with large sharp teeth.
Trip duration is about 10 hours with a maximum of 6 however we have been taking 4 people as it makes the trip much more exciting. Cost is  $1680.
We travel further, use game reels and rods, use much larger baits and berley and bottom bash as well, so the numbers on this trip are usually smaller. 
Once again call to get more details. 
Tuna trips
Trip duration is also about 10 hours, we travel down the coast and outwide offshore.
We recommend smaller numbers on these trips about 4 people as it makes it a much more enjoyable trip
However if it is one group the maximum number is 6 people. 

We also provide, Private Charters, Ceremonial Cruises, Stargazing and cruises around Phillip Island as well as along the coast.

Depending on your requirements we can take you where you want to go.
Private Charters,  Other cruises etc.  POA.
Inside Westernport we can carry up to 12 passengers which is fine for a sight seeing or cruising and exploring.
Inside Western port


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